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LaneCert Introduction

LaneCert Inc is a career school authorized by the Texas WorkForce Commission. Our training programs include Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, and other IT fields. The courses cover theory, practice, and industry certification. Our all-inclusive service package provides not only training, but also recommendations in internship and employment opportunities. Currently unemployed or low-income applicants can apply through Texas WorkForce Commission to receive free training at LaneCert Inc.

No professional background was required and only 800 hours of training is needed in LaneCert to become a Cisco CCIE with a starting annual salary of US$120,000.

LaneCert Inc is a cradle of network engineers. All of our instructors have ten to fifteen years of working and teaching experience in networking. Networking is a highly rewarding IT career path; and the field has been experiencing consistent shortage in skilled professionals. According to national statistics, the United States only has 10,000 CCIE professionals, who are urgently needed by major companies. As a strong CCIE training school, LaneCert offers one-on-one hands-on training. The training usually takes a few months, and students can repeat the curriculum at no additional cost until they pass the CCIE examinations. We promise and guarantee that every student at LaneCert can break through technical obstacles and pass Cisco CCIE. $100K Annual salary is not a dream.

International students and people who are unemployed or dissatisfied with their current jobs are welcome to apply.

Training Contains Three Components:

  • Technical Training Includes Theory and Practical Operations

Theory: Provide Cisco Standard Training

Practical Operations: Provide one-on-one hands-on training,can master skills that are needed in the job.

  • Certificate Training

Help candidates pass CCIE certification.

  • Career Services

All-in-one service package: Job Search, Resume, Interview, Internship, Recommendation, and Hiring Services.

Data Technology

Yun Ma said:“Human being steps into the era of DT-Data Technology from IT-Information Technology. That is Internet generation. Internet just started to impact our life in the world”.

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer), designs and maintains the Internet highway. There are four reasons why it is the preferred work of the DT era.

  • Job gap is large, there are only 10,000 people in the United States;
  • Good Job benefits, more than $100K annual salary;
  • Work easily because more than 95% of the time the system is operating normally.
  • Companies that employ CCIE are big companies that can sponsor their Green Cards.


No Background Requirements

Cisco Internet operating system is relatively independent, for the knowledge base and work qualifications are not required, anyone who wants to change will be able to achieve their goals!

Fast but secure, helping you to make the transition to Cisco experts within 800 hours (3-4 months), and to ensure that your knowledge framework skills are fully qualified for the job!

LaneCat’s Instructors have taught in China, a better understanding of the Chinese way of thinking than a foreigner, and has developed a unique teaching method that is highly efficient!

Small class teaching ensures that each student has been fully concerned about the timely solution to the confusion of learning, teaching quality is guaranteed!

LaneCert promises free repeat until a certification is granted!

Great Advantages In LaneCert

Our Instructors have 10 to 15 years experience and are real experts who can give students a thorough understanding of the field and bring the trainees to the industry.

We provide not only standard training, but also a unique manual for experimentation, which is based on practical application technology and Cisco network technology, which makes it easy for students to do the job. With enough practical experience, through the interview to find work is no longer a problem.

We provide one-on-one, hands-on instruction, as well as equipment for students to practice independently.

On-demand service: From resume to mock interview, we help you get CCIE certification and get the job of professional network engineer.

Comparison to Other Training Schools

  • CCNA Training
    40 hours Cisco Standard Training
    + One on one Tutoring and Hand on Lab Training 40 hours
  • CCNP Training
    100 hours Cisco Standard Training
    + One on one Tutoring and Hand on Training 120 hours
  • CCIE Training
    100 hours Cisco Standard Training
    + One on one Tutoring and Hand on Training 160 hours

meet our amazing team headquater

The story of the founder of LaneCert — Jeffrey Liu

We Couldn’t Do It Without him

Jeffrey’s father was a school principal and his mother a teacher. AS a child, he lived with his parents, his six siblings, and a grandmother. In that era of China, life for a big family like this was hard, but such a tough life does not beat him. After years of hard work, Jeffrey graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology in China. Then he became an electronic designer and worked at a television company. It was not a long time before he felt bored and mediocre about his job. He wanted to be outstanding and remarkable such that his family could also get a better life. Then he deeply realized that he needed to make a change for everything. God is definitely fair to every person, because he opens a window when he closes a door. Jeffrey then met his most important mentor, Mr. Huijue Liang, the principal of ShenYang Milky Network Technology School. When Jeffrey asked Mr. Liang, “If there is a kind of skill in this world that no one can handle it except me?”, then he got the answer, “Cisco, only little people know Cisco skills.”



CCIE, has a full name of Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, is a technical certification offered by Cisco Systems and is considered as the most authoritative certification in IT industry. In the year of 2003, the CCIE was rated as the first position in the top ten most influential IT certifications of the world, and was called Ultimate Certification. It also represents that you have already become a quite competitive person in this professional area when you get CCIE. You can not only find a good job easily with a high annual salary, but also get the acknowledgement and approval by the IT industry and society.


Jeffrey Liu then had attended a Cisco CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) training. Actually, it was so hard for Jeffrey at beginning, because his English was not good enough; he never used any computer; he even did not know what the mouse of a computer is. He spent ten months to get through the English and computer difficulties and got his CCNP at the same time. Then Jeffrey got his first network job with a 100K annual salary. He became one of the first generation Cisco network engineers in China.


Just like playing a game, you need to experience all kinds of difficulties if you want to clear all stages. Jeffrey spent about three years to get his first CCIE, after taking the CCIE examination for three times. He finally passed CCIE Routing and Switching on August 4th, 2003. In 2004, he immigrated to Canada and became a Canadian citizen. After seven years of living in Canada, he passed the Security CCIE on 2007. Then he got the Voice CCIE on 2009. At March 2012, he became a Senior Network Architect in AT&T. he got the service provider CCIE in June of 2014. After he worked at AT&T for three years, he became a Professional Technical Architect of AT&T in July 2015.


Jeffrey Liu, the founder of LaneCert lnc., has always been grateful to Mr. Liang, the man who changed his life. When Jeffrey turned 50 in the year of 2014, he decided to start a school so that he can help more and more people like him succeed in this area through his wealth of knowledge and experience. In 2014, LaneCert Inc was founded. Jeffrey said, “The word Lane represents an expressway to success. The word Cert represents Certification of CCIE. The overall meaning is to help students to get the industry certification as fast as possible, and become a Cisco internetwork expert. In the school logo, can see a star symbolizing that every achiever from LaneCert will become a rising star in this industry. 

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