Wireless Programs

CCNA Wireless Training

CCNA Wireless is associate-level knowledge. Student will learn skills to configure, implement and support of wireless LANs, specifically those networks.

CCNA Wireless Curriculum plan

Wireless infrastructure
Basic installation of Cisco wireless LAN (WLAN)
Wireless client
Basic wireless LAN security
Basic installation and manage of Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS)
Wireless LAN maintenance and troubleshooting


CCNP Wireless Training

Student will learn the methods to design, implement, and operate Cisco Wireless networks and mobility infrastructures.

CCNP Wireless Curriculum plan

Design and deploy WLAN roaming
High availability of wireless networks
Radio Resource Management
Advanced services and management of WCS and WCS Navigator deployment
Deployment location services
Deploy indoor and outdoor wireless network IAUWS (Security)
Device Safety of Integrated client
Design and integrate Cisco Network Admission Control Wireless
Wireless management security
Wireless connection security
802.1x certification
Web authentication
Design and implement guest access service (Guest WLAN) IUWVN (Voice)
Descript and design voice-based wireless architecture


CCIE Wireless Training

Student will learn broad theoretical knowledge of wireless networking and wireless local area networking (WLAN) technologies.

CCIE Wireless Curriculum plan

Configure the Network Infrastructure

Configure Prime Infrastructure and MSE

Configure a Unified Deployment Model (Centralized)

Configure Security & Identity Management

Configure an Autonomous Deployment Model

Configure a Unified Deployment Model (Converged)

Configure WLAN media and application services


Cisco Network Engineer (Wireless)


This Seminar includes two parts:
1. CCNA Wireless Training;
2. CCNP Wireless Training.

Cisco Internet Expert (Wireless)


This Seminar includes three parts:
1. CCNA Wireless Training;
2. CCNP Wireless Training;
3. CCIE Wireless Training.

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