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Success Story

L’s Story

While giving a lecture at UTA in February 2015, Jeffrey met Electronics graduate student L. L told Jeffery he was worriedly that his foreign status would be a barrier for him to find a job after graduation. Jeffery suggested that he participate in CCIE training, and introduced him to LaneCert Institution. L took Jeffrey’s advice, and took four months to complete the training until he was eligible for the CCIE certificate. Then he began his new network engineering job on August 3, 2015.

Ben’s Story: From Unemployed to Networking Expert with $120K Annual Salary

In April 2015, the 52-year old Ben was laid off. He is the only bread earner of his family; and this news was a heavy blow for them! Ben received five months of unemployment compensation from the Government. But what would he do after five months?

The field of his former work was no longer suitable for him, so Ben decided to quickly master a new skill to change his family’s life. At the beginning of May 2015, he was introduced to Jeffery. Then a concept of “Cisco network engineer” started coming to his mind with a starting annual salary of $120,000! Furthermore, the training can be completed in only four months!

His life was full of expectations! Ben began his courses from May 10, insisted to attend his class and practiced more than 10 hours every day. On August 8, only three months later, he passed the CCIE practical examination. In September, Ben got three job offers at the same time. Finally, he chose a telecom company located in Plano, began his new job on September 28, 2015 with an annual salary of $120,000. CCIE certification and the training has really changed his family’s life.

Alex’s experience, full of positive energy

Alex worked as a Manufacturing Engineer with an annual salary of $80,000 and was leading an easy and peaceful life. By an accidental chance, he took part in a lecture about career named “100k Annual Salary is not A Dream” hosted by Micro-Life in QD Chinese-Medium School. He really interested in that. Although having a good job at that time, he still determined to be a CCIE netwrok engineer, to get close to a cutting-edge and high-tech area.

Although working full-time during the day time and taking care his two youning children after normal work, Alex can still carve out time to study the new knowledge. It is definitely not an easy task at beginning. After his first two months, he did not fully understand the course, but study in LaneCert has no time limit. Then he studied the same course again in next round. After 8 months of studying and training, he passed the CCIE lab examination. Only three weeks later, he received two job offers. Finally, he signed a contract with a mobile service company in Plano with an annual salary of $100,000 in January, 2016. About half year later, he was hired by another company with an annual salary of $120,000. Alex achieved his career dream!

Robin got a full-time job with an annual salary of $150,000 when he just graduated

Robin is a UTD ITM student enrolled in fall 2014, and graduated in May 2016. When other students were seeking internship all over, she had been got a 150,000 paid official employment.

Opportunity Found:
During her first year in UTD as a graduate student, Robin found her knowledge organization is broad but not deep enough. That is to say, she does not have any advantage in her professional area, and that was also the reason why she was lack of confidence and worried about her future. However, in April 2015, the time her first year ended, Jeffrey came to UTD and gave a lecture about career named “100k Annual Salary is not A Dream”. He told every attending audience that the Cisco Certified Network Expert (CCIE) has a very good future. Robin, as a student majored in liberal arts, got in touch with network knowledge firstly at that time. The practicability and career prospects made her excited. Quickly, she attended LaneCert network engineering course on that summer. She also decided to make her dream come true in this area by her hard work.

Dream Began:
In June 15th 2015, Robin started her LaneCert training. Studying basic knowledge and 800 hours of operation practice made her understand network deeper and deeper.Through the efficient training method of LaneCert and her great effort during this period, she got her CCIE on September 4th 2015 and became a eligible Cisco certified network expert. LaneCert brought her such a impressive change from complete stranger to an expert holding a highest level network certificate in IT field.

Dream came true:
LaneCert provides not only professional courses, but also hands-on training for practical operation. More importantly, LaneCert also provides one-on-one guidance for job seeking. When she got the CCIE certificate, LaneCert offered her a professional pre-job training, including resume revision, interview guidance and so on. Under the instructors’ help, she got a paid internship on October. For many international students in United States, that was a precious and uneasy opportunity. She had CCIE at that time, so she had a high priority than other students. After graduation, it is really important for her to sign a company which provides sponsorship. LaneCert did a great job at this point. Before her graduation, Jeffrey had started to look for companies, gave suggestions on her resume and interview. Finally, she successfully received a job offer from a network company located in Silicon Valley California. While a lot of her classmates were worried about how to find a intership, she had started to work as a eligible network expert.

In addition, she clearly understood that this is just a start for her. She also know the way is still long to the future. She was also grateful to LaneCert: “LaneCert give me a golden key to the beatiful world. They also helped me and led me to an expressway to success from very beginning! Believe LaneCert and believe yourself, only about three months, an annual salary of $100,000 is not a dream.”

Jerry’s Story

I’m Jerry, a PhD of science, working as a scientist at some institute and university of China and the United States. Unexpectedly, I was laid off when I was about 50-years-old.

After leaving the former company, I tried to find a new job for many times. But then I painfully found that my scientific research projects, which gave me a great sense of achievement in these years, were not needed by today’s job market at all. I just thought I had highest academic qualification and plentiful research experiences, but there was even no response when I submitted my resume for a lot of times. I felt hurt deeply, and have lost confidence in myself, even tried to escape from reality.

In March 2015, a friend introduced LaneCert to me, the cradle of Cisco Network Engineer. I made some long conversations with Jeffrey to discuss my situation. Network Technology quickly fascinated me after the audition course. Then I registered the CCIE course in LaneCert immediately. I did not have good memory and energy than young people. But after my hard work led by instructors, I passed the CCIE lab examination at November and became an eligible network expert.

When I started looking for a job, LaneCert also provided a lot of free follow-up services, including resume revision, phone interview training, on-site interview training, arranging for technological issues, and so on. Because I had no corresponding working experiences in this area, job hunting at beginning was not easy. But my confidence was getting stronger and stronger after a lot of failures.

Why? Firstly, there were a lot of job opportunities in this area. I even got emails and phone call from head-hunting companies everyday; Secondly, I had a really strong support from LaneCert behind me. When I was asked some hard or weird technological question, I definitely knew who did I need to discuss with, knew how to solve it. It was totally impossible if I just delt with it alone; Then, I clearly noticed that hard questions to me were getting less and less. That also made me have more confidence. Finally, I got one offer from a local network company and another offer from a company outside my city after six months endeavor. I chose the local company because my famility.

When I came to 50-year-old, it was really difficult to change my research field and turn to start a new job. But LaneCert made all of this come true. Thank you so much LaneCert – the cradle of network engineer.

Charles’ Story

My name is Charles. I worked in tourism and moved from San Francisco to Dallas. Then I found I had no work to do in this field and started thinking how to make a change. Some friends suggested that I try to enter software testing, but it seems hard to me after investigating. So I quit.

Because my major was English, which had no relation with IT field, it was too difficult for me to enter any of good IT industry. I noticed a message in local media by chance released by Jeffrey of LaneCert. That seemed a good opportunity. I tried to contact him and quickly decided to enter this new are. The tuition is not inexpensive actually, but the possibility of getting a high annual salary attracted me. Then I started my network study at once. I went to LaneCert lab at about 10:00 a.m., and left at 6:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m everyday. I practiced hardly with schoolmates’ help and finally passed the CCIE lab examination after taking it only once.

For a lot of reasons, such as having no working experience in the US, no US education, no IT background, even just having a poor resume, I had not got any interniew for a long time. Seeing that a few of my friends had even changed their jobs for many times, my family and I gradually lost confidence.

One day, I received a phone call from a head-hunting company which told me that I had a interview. I felt excited and perfectly answered every question the company HR asked on the interview. Then I got the offer, but as a junior level job which needs some training. The starting salary actually did not satisfy me at beginning, but I knew that the salary is higher than lots of normal jobs. So I signed that company and became a eligible network engineer after 6 months when I got the CCIE number.

I will work hard in every project of my work and make my life better. So I really want to say thanks to Jeffrey and LaneCert!

Damon’s Story

I am Damon. I graduated from UTD in May 2015 with a degree in ITM. I was always the best student in my student life, but suddenly found it hard to get a job when graduation. In an activity organized by student union of my university, I fortunately knew LaneCert and Jeffrey, who is a friendly, honest and helpful gentleman. Knowing my situation, he introduced the network industry to me and told me that it was not hard to get a job in this area nowadays. More importantly, the CCIE is not an easy certificate for every engineer which is like a cornerstone in this industry. You will be at a higher starting point than most of other IT engineers. So I decided to enter this high-tech area with no hesitation.

After one year of hard work and with Jeffrey’s help and encouragement, I passed the CCIE lab examination. Then I quickly got a network job in Plano. Because of my well-knit ability and the CCIE, I had more confidence in the company, such that I even could refuse some trivial work assigned by my supervisor and I could also mention new conditions to my leader with self-confident. Then I found that the company seemed to be paying more attention to me, and helped me apply for the H1B. My life has been turned around. Jeffrey’s help was a starting point for my change, and the CCIE was a key for my success. Here I also hope that more and more people who want to succeed in this area will treasure this opportunity. I am grateful to LaneCert from the deep of my heart for making me a network expert.

David’s Story: It’s Never Too Late to Start Thinking Big

When it comes to CISCO training, Lanecert Career School in Bedford Texas is the leader in the Metropolis. I joined Lanecert when I did not have a job. I had searched for a job as a Network Engineer but everywhere I could apply, they required me to have a CCNA or CCNP certificate. With my Master Degree in Information Systems and 10 years hands on experience in Network Engineering, getting a job without Cisco Certifications had become a big problem for me. It was not until I joined Lanecert Career School for a CCNA and CCNP certifications that I managed to get a Job and go back to work normally.

During my training at Lanecert, I enjoyed being trained by highly qualified instructors and also had a chance of studying with high level students who are training for CCIE exams. Both students and instructors were friendly and very helpful whenever I needed them for help on my practice labs and discussions.

Lanecert has all the products you can use to succeed in a career. I used all the products available such as video training, workbook volumes, mock labs, troubleshooting labs and hands on training instructors. Every section or chapter that I have used and practiced has been like a brick that I’ve used to build the wall. I used all the products available at Lanecert. I’m happy that I did so because I had the chance to see the technology from different angles, to practice it and take it to the necessary level for passing the final exam. I also read a lot on my own and participated in hands on practical labs every day with my instructor, which were very helpful. All the days I spent at Lanecert in the lab training were really fun and enjoyable with my instructor and CCIE students.

Nelome’s Story

I am Nelome and majored in Electrical Engineering. After my graduation date, the end of December 2014, I found that it was difficult to get a job in the United States and more difficult for me to achieve my dream. Not long after that, I contracted with an Indian Consulting Company. But too sadly, there was no position for me here. The next year – 2015 was also a hard period for me because of the job problem. Such a tough time in my life, I even lost my confidence. Actually, I am very interested in network, then I passed CCNA and CCNP exams in this year by myself. But job hunting was still a big problem for me even I had those certifications. I fell into confusion again. With an accidental opportunity, through a social interaction software, I know LaneCert, which provides CCIE training – a highest level Cisco certification and provides a special service of one-on-one hands-on training. By CCIE, the possibility of getting a job will raise a lot. After several talks with Jeffrey, I decided to take part in and fought for my dream of network architect.

In fact, it was not an easy or happy experience for me to practice CCIE here even I had a good passion in this area. I studied and practice by at least 8 hours every day in those days, often more than 10 hours per day. After 2 months and 6 days of hard work, I passed the CCIE lab examination after taking it only once in July 2016. I seem to be the fastest one even in LaneCert. Then I started a new round of my job stuff. But I immediately found that I got more and more interviews than before. Maybe my time started from then on, I got an offer from one company of the global 500 companies by an interview on August. But I needed to work as a try out period for about 3 months. If I work well, I will become a full time employee here, and the company will sponsor me for the H1B. After my serious thinking about my career, I accepted this offer and officially started working in this company on November 2016. Maybe the salary of my try out period is not very high, but I am satisfied already. This may be the answer of my US experience.

Really thanks to Jeffrey and LaneCert! If anyone who are interested in network and can work hard for about 3 months practice, LaneCert is a good choice. Finally, best wishes for LaneCert and hope more and more people succeed here.